Core Technologies
1. High Precision GNSS Technologies

Until 2016, UniStrong had obtained a total of 82 patents, and applied for 71 patents for invention and 227 copyrights of computer software.

002 Technology

2. GNSS Precision Agriculture Auto-Steering Technology

The high-precision electric-hydraulic steering control technology for multiple vehicle models adopts the full-plot continuous seamless high-precision auto-steering technology based on the simplified vehicle calibration flow. With the auto-steering operating mode aligned with actual conditions, the system realizes a quick adoption with the sensor-weighted fusion technology.

003 Technology

3. The High-Security Big Data Platform

Integrating cloud computing and big data technologies, the platform is powered with the built-in spatial multimedia distributed processing engine. It takes pride in an enterprise-level spatial relationship database kernel system and meets the highest commercial security level in China.

004 Technology