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Monitoring, and Deformation Monitoring in particular, is the precise measurement of the alteration or movement of sites or structures, whether they are natural or manmade. Whether it is monitoring manmade infrastructure projects such as dams, roads, tunnels, high-rise buildings, and bridges or natural structures such as landslide areas, volcanoes, and earthquake areas, GNSS technology can be used to ensure no stressing is monitored and documented.

GNSS techniques have become commonplace in monitoring applications as they save time and can provide precise information. Technologies such as RTK and CORS are routinely used when surveying such sites and structures.

UniStrong Group’s monitoring solutions provide accurate, precise, and up-to-date information on any parameters set to monitor a given project. We can help you determine any potential risks or problems that might arise, improve safety, ensure structural integrity, all helping you protect your project and investment


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