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The UniStrong Group, through Hemisphere GNSS, offers a variety of products, services, and solutions that serve the marine industry. Those needing high-accuracy satellite heading, positioning, and navigation data use our positioning, heading, and differential antennas, receivers, and OEM boards in the professional, commercial, and recreational marine markets.

Our all-in-one Vector GNSS compass solutions provide precise heading and positioning for IMO Wheelmarked applications, hydrographic surveying vessels, fishing vessels, leisure boats, work boats, and other general marine navigation applications. The rugged and reliable design of these compasses makes them an ideal solution to replace traditional gyrocompasses, at a fraction of the cost. Combining Hemisphere’s Crescent and Eclipse technologies and multipath-resistant antennas, the Vector compasses bring a collection of robust features including heave, pitch, and roll output as well as NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 support.

Hemisphere’s geospatial technologies and hardware, including smart antennas, cater to marine applications in three well-defined market segments.

  • Recreational: Typically, a yacht owner needs 1 to 2-degree heading accuracy and 1 to 2 m accuracy for positioning.
  • Commercial: Applications in this segment, including some dredging projects and commercial navigation, necessitate sub-meter positioning accuracy and up to 0.5-degree heading accuracy.
  • Professional: Hemisphere puts dredging and survey projects requiring up to 2- to 10-cm positioning accuracy and up to 0.1-degree heading accuracy in this category.

End users in the Professional Marine segment who work off of a digital file when doing dredging work need accuracy of positioning, heading, and heave, taking into account the positioning and orientation of the excavation bucket using a combination of sensors mounted on the arm and bucket. Hemisphere’s Vector smart antennas provide RTK-level position, precise heading, and RTK- or Atlas-based heave.

To learn more about the available products, solutions and services for the Marine Solutions industry, please visit Hemisphere GNSS.

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