Field Mobile Worker

UT Series Cover Family 02

UniStrong offers a variety of products, services, and solutions that serve the GIS, mapping, and surveying industries. Our multi-constellation GNSS positioning, heading, and differential antennas, receivers, and OEM boards can be customized to your exact requirements to fulfill your data collection and surveying needs.

Whether you are looking for centimeter-level positioning with our Athena RTK to ensure the highest and most robust accuracy possible, or simply looking for a rugged all-in-one GNSS smart antenna that will withstand the challenging environments you work in, we have something for you. Our ruggedized products have been put to the test time and time again and offer excellent performance in challenging areas, such as under foliage or against buildings.

Our open and agnostic innovative high-precision positioning components help our customers by allowing them to integrate with their existing survey portfolio and offer fast start-up and reacquisition times so that they can get to work faster and with minimal downtime.


UniStrong's Ruggeddized Products Engineered for Reliability and Your Needs

UT series resized 01

UniStrong UT10 6.0 Rugged Smartphone

UT series resized 02

UniStrong UT30 8.0" Rugged Tablet

UT series resized 03

UniStrong UT50 10.1" Full Rugged Tablet

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