OEM Solutions


Along with its brands Hemisphere GNSS and Stonex, UniStrong offers innovative products and services for OEM/ODM (Original Equipment/Design Manufacturer), machine control & guidance, survey & mapping, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), L-band correction services, marine, field mobile worker, monitoring, unmanned systems markets, or virtually any application requiring high-precision positioning.

UniStrong empowers its partners by working with them to meet their unique requirements for their customers.

UniStrong partners with its OEM/ODM partners by leveraging the core hardware and software design services, and finished products to create customized, unique solutions for customers’ requirements.

Regardless of its application of geospatial technology, any business needs a technology partner to dependably deliver positioning and heading solutions with the optimal accuracy, performance, and durability for each application.

The UniStrong Group has leveraged a strong technology foundation based on distinct intellectual property and a relentless focus on innovation to attain a leadership position in high-performance satellite positioning accuracy and reliability. UniStrong’s technological capability is the constant. Both OEMs and end users who utilize the technology benefit from UniStrong’s overall customer-first, service-oriented philosophy, which gives these customers the distinct ability to manage their business variables with technological flexibility and scalability.

The UniStrong Group’s business philosophy is grounded in first identifying customers’ business variables and engineering solutions to address those variables effectively. To put the philosophy into action, UniStrong builds open and agnostic solutions comprising OEM modules and hardware to high-accuracy GNSS signal corrections to the smart antennas that receive the signals to advanced displays. A review of UniStrong’s technologies, combined with the company’s emphasis on flexibility and scalability, sheds light on unique value propositions for both OEMs and end users.

To learn more about the available products, solutions and services for the OEM Solutions industry, please visit Hemisphere GNSS.

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