OEM Boards & Modules

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With flexibility for both OEMs/ODMs (original equipment/design manufacturer) and end users in mind, Hemisphere GNSS designs OEM modules that incorporate latest technologies to maximize precision and reliability.

Scalable solutions ranging from single- to multi-frequency, multi-GNSS support a wide array of channels and feature considerably reduced overall size, weight, and power consumption. Machine control, land or marine survey, seismic monitoring, positive train control, GIS (geographic information systems), UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle), and agriculture applications are a good fit for these boards.

The next generation boards are designed to suit low-power and relatively low-technology handheld devices. These boards also track all available signals simultaneously—GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and L-band (with eventual QZSS compatibility)—for the most robust and reliable solution available. An updated power management system efficiently governs the processor, memory, and ASIC (application specific integrated circuit), suiting multiple integration applications such as handheld and battery-powered devices. The boards also support centimeter-level accuracy in either single- or multi-frequency mode, with enhanced performance and rapid RTK initialization over long distances utilizing multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS signals. Communication features range from serial, USB, Ethernet, and CAN support for ease of use and integration.

Ranging in sizes but with small form factors, the 34- and 20-pin modules are drop-in upgrades for many Hemisphere products and other manufacturers’ standard modules.

Board-Level L-Band Signal Processing

ASICs are custom-designed integrated circuits created for specific uses, e.g., decoding a GPS signal, just as software otherwise might be written to run on a microprocessor to perform the same task. An example of more robust ASIC technology deployment is a receiver’s simultaneous, efficient tracking of multiple satellite constellations, which results in reduced power consumption and board size, not to mention greater application versatility. Using ASIC technology, Hemisphere has integrated L-band signal processing at the board level and has done so with smaller form factors, giving OEMs/ODMs considerable integration and design flexibilityt.

To learn more about the available products, solutions and services for the OEM Boards & Modules industry, please visit Hemisphere GNSS.

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