Machine Control & Guidance OEM Solutions

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The UniStrong Group offers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) application software and hardware for building your machine control & guidance systems and offerings.

Hemisphere’s market-leading technology allows us to leverage our core hardware and software design services to empower our partners. We start with our customer’s unique accuracy and durability requirements and design solutions accordingly, using flexibility and scalability, to manage their business values.

Hemisphere can create any machine control & guidance solution for any customer from the ground up. With a world-class in-house design and software team that develops the algorithms and core technologies, to creating the ASIC boards and GNSS engine, to manufacturing the finished product, the possibilities are endless. We will ensure that the right level of technology is built into each solution by working closely with the customer, from start to finish.

Both OEMs and end users who utilize the technology benefit from Hemisphere’s overall customer-first, service-oriented philosophy, which gives these customers the distinct ability to manage their business variables with technological flexibility and scalability.

Ruggedized Hardware

Build your machine control & guidance systems by branding our multi-GNSS, multi-frequency, L-band capable hardware as your own. From ruggedized smart antennas and GNSS receivers for high-precision positioning and heading, to intelligent control boxes for in-cab system management, we have all the necessary components for you to create full turnkey solutions for your customers.

Access to Advanced Technology Features

In addition to design flexibility and scalability, many OEM customers benefit by passing along to end users the advanced technology features that Hemisphere builds into its products. From Atlas®, our L-band correction subscription service; to aRTK™, our satellite-based RTK augmentation system that provides RTK-level accuracy, availability, and reliability when RTK corrections fail, there is something to complement each solution.

To learn more about the available products, solutions and services for the Machine Control & Guidance OEM Solutions industry, please visit Hemisphere GNSS.

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