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UniStrong is a global company that designs and manufactures high-precision products and services for the geospatial marketplace.

Founded in 1994, Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (UniStrong) is one of the pioneers in the GNSS, positioning, and timing industries and a leader in the geospatial market. UniStrong is committed to the strategic vision of being ‘The Leading Provider of High-Precision Professional Products, Solutions, and Services in the Global Geospatial Marketplace”. Ahead of its peers, UniStrong has launched the location service platform “China LBS”, the global satellite-based augmentation system platform “Atlas”, and the high-precision time synchronization system “China Time”.

Along with its brands Hemisphere GNSS and Stonex, UniStrong offers innovative products and services for OEM/ODM (Original Equipment/Design Manufacturer), machine control & guidance, survey & mapping, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), L-band correction services, marine, field mobile worker, monitoring, and unmanned systems markets.

UniStrong has been a leader in the global navigation market for over 20 years, delivering a full spectrum of products and services along the entire industrial chain, from high-precision core technologies, OEM boards and modules, devices, solutions, and service platforms.

Benefiting from rich application experiences, UniStrong has gained the capacity to realize global business coverage and service, and conducted global resource allocations with a worldwide focus. UniStrong owns global product research, development, production, and market architecture facilities covering China, USA, Canada, Italy, and markets its products to over 90 countries and regions worldwide.

Hemisphere GNSS is an innovative technology company that designs and manufactures high-precision positioning products and services for use in OEM/ODM, marine, machine control & guidance, agriculture, and L-band correction service markets.
Hemisphere holds numerous patents and other intellectual property and sells globally with several leading product and technology brands including Athena™, Atlas®, Crescent®, Eclipse™, and Vector™ for high-precision applications.
Hemisphere is based in Scottsdale, AZ, USA, with offices located around the globe, and is part of Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Headquartered on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, STONEX is one of the world leader company on measurement and survey, with over 80 qualified distributors worldwide.
Thanks to the integration of different positioning technologies and software the wide range of solutions allows to meet the needs of many fields of application and industries, such as: building and construction, land survey and cadastral survey, GIS data collection, 3D Scanning, agriculture and smart farming, land and structure monitoring.
Joined together with an unbeatable professional expertise Stonex offers a wide range of top quality services, to satisfy all pre-sales and post-sales needs.
Stonex is a part of Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co. Ltd, global provider of GNSS, positioning and timing technology for the geospatial market.
Our Mission
To Be The Leading Provider of High-Precision Professional Products, Solutions, and Services in the Global Geospatial Marketplace
Our Vision
Leverage the strength of the UniStrong Group’s intellectual property, product lines, manufacturing capabilities, and global brands throughout the world to provide affordable, flexible, and professional products, services, and solutions to anyone in the Geospatial marketplace.

Global Centers of Excellence

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Our Values
To be the Leading Provider of High-Precision Professional Products, Solutions & Services in the Global Geospatial Industry Across the World.


Ensure we innovate in everything we do.


Always provide thoughtful leadership that starts from the top.


Commitment to lifelong partnerships and relationships with our partners.


Expert teams with brands, companies, and offices located around the globe.


We strive to be the global leader in the geospatial marketplace and motivate our dealers, distributors, customers and employees along the way.


We always work closely with our partners, dealers and distributors on everything we do.