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Unmanned Surface Vessel Solution
The VE115 is a full-integrated innovative solution for 3D bathymetric surveys and is widely used for different types of research including hydrology, leakage, water-quality studies, the contour of streams and reservoirs, storage and fill-in reservoirs and ponds, etc. The VE115 carries up to 15 kg of payload and is completely autonomous, it is safely operated from the shore. The VE115 offers an unmanned operation solution with a shallow draft, high navigational accuracy, and stable hovering for hydrologists.

Exceptional Hull Design
Experience a trapezoidal-shaped trimaran with better load and better ability against wind and waves, no longer need to worry about bumping and stranding for the installation position of the propeller levels. The hull makes placing the USV on the shallow shore possible.

Expand Your Unmanned Survey Capability
Freely choose the most suitable GNSS system from all eSurvey GNSS receivers and the needed sensors from single-beam echo sounder, dual single-beam echo sounder, ADCP, and online water quality monitoring system and water sampling system.

Modular Design and Ease of Maintenance
Easily assemble and disassemble all parts for maintenance, and experience remote assistance if there is a hardware problem. That is, we can remotely guide you to detect which part is wrong and send you the parts to replace it, which greatly simplifies the repair process and avoids delays in sending the whole USV back.

Compatible with ADCP, Long Endurance
The VE115 supports a wide variety of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) systems available on the market. The VE115 weighs 25 kg, it’s easy for two men to operate and transport. Powerful battery and low consumption support 6 hours of endurance.

Powerful technology: 700W Power for Each Thruster
The VE115 can reach 6 m/s by 1400w total strong power, which can perform well against water current. It is better for use in the ADCP survey.

Multiple Safety Protection Mechanisms
Monitor the operational status of the USV in real-time, supported by the 360° full view camera, no longer need to worry about obstacles encountered during navigation for the ultrasonic obstacles avoidance module can help timely and effectively avoid obstacles, and no longer need to worry about communication loss due to the multiple low-voltage and safe return mechanisms to ensure navigation safety.


Hull dimension (L x W x H)
1150mm x 600mm x 340mm
Hull material
Kevlar + Carbon fibre material
Hull weight
· Standard: 10kg
· Maximum: 15kg
Anti-wave & wind
5th wind level and 3rd wave level
Boat shape
M-type trimaran
Anti-sinking design
Closed-cell foam filling and fully enclosed compartment anti-sink design
360° full view camera
Navigation lights
A pair of navigation lights
Battery life
6 hours (1.5 ~ 2m/s)
Battery capacity
40,00mAh, 33.6V
Cruising speed
1.5 ~ 2m/s
Maximum speed
Brushless DC motor (BLDCM)
Ducted propeller
Navigation and Commander System
Navigation model
· Manual mode
· Automatic mode
· Cruise mode
Positioning system (Optional)
Positioning mode:
· Autonomous
· L-band
Positioning accuracy:
· Horizontal: 8mm ± 1ppm
· Vertical: 15mm ± 1ppm
Obstacle avoidance
Ultrasonic radar
Direction control
Differential steering
Communication loss protection
· Automatically return to base when the communication is lost
· GPS anti-theft system (optional)
Communication mode and distance
· 2.4G Wi-Fi: 3km
· 4G network: unlimited
Software platform
Windows 10 or above
Software function
Support USV management, route management, status display, data management, log function, etc.
Remote control unit
· Water proof, dust proof and drop proof
· Digital high-definition image transmission
· Ultra-long link
· Impressive battery endurance
Available Instrumentation
Sensor (Only choose one)
· Single-beam echo sounder
· Side scan sonar
· Online water quality monitoring system
· Water sampling System
Single-beam Echo Sounder
200 kHz
Beam angle
Sounding range
0.3 -100 m
Sounding accuracy
±1cm ±0.1% D (D: depth of water)
Data output
RS-232 (Depth data format can be customize
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