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Land Survey & LiDAR
Handheld LiDAR Scanner
The eSurvey eHLS1 is the first portable handheld laser scanner independently designed and manufactured by eSurvey GNSS. It is lightweight, flexible, and easy to operate. Adopting the new high-precision SLAM technology, it can create a 3D reconstruction of the environment indoors and outdoors without depending on GNSS positioning, and help professionals to achieve centimeter-level point cloud data while walking. With the self-researched eSCAN processing software, effective post-process of point cloud data and multiple applications of point cloud becomes possible.

Fast Scanning Speed
Its scanning speed can be up to 655,000 points per second.

Portable and Efficient
Compact and portable. Capture 3D point cloud data efficiently while moving around.

High Data Accuracy
More high-precision 3D point cloud data can be obtained, supported by the new high-precision SLAM algorithm.

Impressive Memory Storage
It is equipped with a 1T solid-state disk.

Real-Time Data Visualization
Visualize data in real-time with a smartphone or tablet.

Multi-platform Supported
It can be expandable to multiple platforms, including a backpack, vehicle, intelligent robot, etc.


Range 120 m
LiDAR channels 32
Points per second 655,000
Laser product classification Level 1
Laser wave length 865 nm
FOV 360° x 270°
Scanning accuracy 3-5 cm
Data format DAT, PCD
Dimension Handheld: 295 mm x 197 mm x 99.7 mm (with handle)
Host: 128 mm x 185 mm x 52 mm
Weight Handheld: 1.6 kg (with handle)
Host: 1.0 kg (without battery)
Housing Aircraft-grade aluminium
(high protection and high interference resistance)
Power Supply 12 ~ 24 V dc/25 W
Working time 3 hours (one battery)
Storage 1T (expandable)
Working Environment Indoor and Outdoor
Working Temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃
Protection Level IP54
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