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Land Survey & LiDAR
Auto Level
The ESL3 is equipped with a magnetic damping compensation system which has a large compensation range and a high compensation accuracy compensator to ensure the equipment accuracy and measurement efficiency even in a complex environment subject to vibration or shock. 32x magnification, 38mm large clear aperture equipped with 550nm coating ensuring fast and smooth measurement. The all-metal body and IP66 design ensure the ESL3's strong environmental adaptability.

Magnetic Damping Compensation System: Making Accuracy More Stable
Enjoy a better measurement experience with a compensation range of ±15' and quick leveling 1.5s, powered by the magnetic damping compensation system that guarantees the accuracy and efficiency of measurement even in complex environments subject to vibration or shock

Light and Compact
The compact design makes the ESL3 easy to carry.

Clearer, Brighter and More Relaxed
Enjoy clearer readings with 32 times magnification, greater clear aperture with 38 mm, and long-term observation without fatigue with 550 nm coating.

IP66 Certified
No longer need to worry about using the ESL3 even in dusty and humid environments, and easily handle complex working conditions.

Full Metal Body Design
Experience metal body that makes the ESL3 rugged and durable while shielding interference to the compensator system from the external environment and ensuring accurate and reliable measurement accuracy.

Simple Operation
Simple interface button to let the measurement without trouble.


1Km Error ≤ ±1.5 mm
Image Erect
Magnification 32x
Resolution ≤ 3.0"
Field Angle 1°20'
Minimum Focus 0.3 m
Object Aperture 38 mm
Multiplication Factor 100
Additive Constant 0
Compensator Type Magnetic
Compensator Range ±15'
Setting Accuracy ≤ ±0.5"
Physical Specification
Water/Dust Proof IP66
Dimension 135 x 215 x 140 mm
Weight 1.7 Kg
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