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Land Survey & LiDAR
Precise Automatic Level
The eSurvey ESL2 is suitable for geodetic control, construction of roads, and industrial applications. The ESL2 with ESM1 can supply higher accuracy and work to monitor structural deformations. The use of an automatic compensator speeds up work and improves accuracy. ESL2 operates in the range of temperatures from -30℃ to +50℃.

One Key for Compensator Checking
Directly check the compressor by the specific press button.

Parallel Plate Micrometer
A parallel plate micrometer helps the user read more accurately, and measure more precisely.

Dismountable Eyepiece
Comfortably observe steep sights with a diagonal eyepiece, up to the zenith, by taking away the original eyepiece and fitting on the diagonal eyepieces.

Easy to Use
Able to complete the survey job in no time.

The compensator of Air Damper
No longer need to worry about interference from ambient magnetic fields, for the air damper can reduce shakes to guarantee the accuracy and efficiency of measurement even in complex environments subject to vibration or shock.

Use in Multiple Scenarios
Use the ESL2 in Industrial measurement, Topographic surveys, deformation monitoring, etc.


1Km Error ≤ ±1 mm
With ESM1 ≤ ±0.5 mm
Image Erect
Magnification 32x
Field Angle 1°20'
Minimum Focus 1.6 m
Field of View at 100m 2.3 m
Object Aperture 45 mm
Multiplication Factor 100
Additive Constant 0
Compensator Type Pneumatic
Compensator Range ±14'
Setting Accuracy ≤±0.3"
Setting Time ≤2s
Sensitivity of Circular Level Per 2mm Run 8' / 2 mm
Physical Specification
Dimension 130 x 215 x 140 mm
Weight 2.5 Kg
Operating Temperature -30℃ ~ +50℃
Parallel Plate Micrometer ESM1 ( Optional accessory)
Range 10 mm
Interval 0.1 mm
Estimation 0.01 mm
Weight 1.25 Kg
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