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Land Survey & LiDAR
The ET2A is a high-precision electronic theodolite. This device has 2" angle measurement accuracy and a 30x magnification effect to meet various working requirements.

Absolute Coding
Experience complete coding angle measurement system that is digital, intelligent, stable, and reliable.

Smart Sensor
You no longer need to worry about tilt errors, for the independent tilt sensor will automatically correct tilt errors.

Laser Function
Experience a perfect combination of digital theodolite and laser, with laser pointing and laser centering functions.

Long Operation Hours
1600 mAh rechargeable Li-on battery support working for about 20 hours.

High Quality, Designed for Harsh Environments
Operate the device under harsh environments (like dust, mud, rain, extreme heat, and cold) for many years with a highly integrated circuit board, high-quality IC components, and imported CCD sensor.

Digital Readings
Digital readings are quick and reliable, making the measurement more efficient.


Angle Measurement
Measuring Method Absolute encoder
Diameter 79mm
Min. Reading 1", 5",10"
Measuring Unit 360°, 400gon
Vertical Angle 0° Zenith 0°, Horizontal 0°
Accuracy 2"
Image Erect
Magnification 30x
Effective Aperture 47mm
Resolving power 3.75"
Field of View 1°30"(26mm/1000m)
Min. Focus 1.5 m
Stadia Ratio 100
Tube Length 169mm
Electronic Tilt Sensor Vertical compensation
Compensator Range ±3'
Resolving Power 6"
Plate Vial 30"/2mm
Circular Vial 8'/2mm
Type Two sides LCD
Onboard battery
Power Resource Rechargeable Li-on battery
Voltage DC 7.4 V
Operation Time BDC 1600 mAh (About 20 hours)
Length of the Wave 635 nm
Power 10 mW
Effective Range 250 m
Position Error ≤5"
Voltage DC 3.3 V
Working Temperature -10° ~ +45°
Storage Temperature -10° ~ +45°
Dimension 180 x 166 x 355 m
Weight 5 Kg
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