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List for many years in a row! UniStrong was once again selected as one of the Top 100 Enterprises in the Geographic Information Industry
Posted by UniStrong    2023-7-19    798

Recently, the list of Top 100 Enterprises in Geographic Information Industry 2023 was officially announced, and Beijing UniStrong Science and Technology Corporation Ltd.(UniStrong) has been selected as one of the "Top 100 Enterprises in Geographic Information Industry" for many consecutive years and ranked the 7th.

The Top 100 Enterprises in China's Geographic Information Industry is assessed by China Geographic Information Industry Association, aiming at encouraging the recognition of advanced enterprises, establishing excellent enterprise brands, and promoting the high-quality development of China's geographic information industry. The enterprises on the list are the benchmarking enterprises with large scale, good performance and strong influence in the domestic geographic information industry.

Since the establishment of "China's Top 100 Geographic Information Enterprises" list, UniStrong has been on the list for many times by virtue of its outstanding performance in product research and development and innovation, which is not only the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of UniStrong in the field of geographic information, but also represents the full affirmation of the industry and outside of the business operation level and technological innovation ability of UniStrong's geographic information business.

Over the past 30 years since its establishment, UniStrong has always taken GNSS high-precision satellite positioning and navigation and spatial-temporal information application as its main business direction, continued to plough into the core technology in the field of satellite navigation, increased investment in research and development of technology and products, and realized continuous innovation and breakthroughs from the core technology to the solutions, which has opened up the application scenarios of satellite navigation in the geographic information industry for a number of industries, and positively pushed forward the development of China's geographic information industry.

In terms of technology, with the core of building positioning, navigation and timing technology for ubiquitous services, UniStrong has made continuous innovation and breakthroughs in the field of multi-sensor fusion high-precision navigation and positioning technology, and built a comprehensive high-precision, pan-high-precision indoor and outdoor navigation and positioning technology system. Meanwhile, UniStrong also actively grasps the opportunities of industry development, focuses on the large-scale application market of GNSS, and actively explores in the fields of high-precision positioning, spatial and temporal IoT and intelligent manufacturing, and creates high-precision products, services and "Terminal + Cloud" industry solutions in the fields of surveying and mapping, precision agriculture, machinery control, deformation monitoring, intelligent city, civil aviation, transportation and other industries, and has played a positive role in promoting the large-scale application of GNSS technologies.

In the wave of digital economy development, the integration and innovation of GNSS technologies and new-generation information technologies will continue to expand more application scenarios and bring broader prospects for development. UniStrong will also grasp these opportunities, continue to play its technical and industrial advantages in the field of geographic information, continue to develop and innovate, and actively build new business models, so as to add vitality to the high-quality development of the geographic information industry.

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