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Unmanned Agricultural Machineries are coming! UniStrong enables the development of intelligent agriculture in Shaanxi
Posted by UniStrong    2023-6-21    923

No driver, no steering wheel, automatically driving, automatically turning around, orderly movement of implements, ploughing, fertilizing and sowing, all processes in one go, leaving a series of straight ridges in the farmland ...... On 20th June, in a soybean-corn compound sowing demonstration field in Qidong Village, Muyi Town, Chencang District, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, a Joint-unit consisting of an unmanned tractor and a soybean-corn composite seeder successfully carried out an unmanned demonstration sowing operation of more than 20 mu (hereinafter refer to as The Operation).

The Operation was carried out by Xi'an UniStrong Navigation Technology Co Ltd (Xi'an Navigation), a subsidiary of Beijing UniStrong Science and Technology Corporation (UniStrong), together with Baoji Agricultural Mechanisation Development Centre, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of Science and Technology and Xi'an Yaao Agricultural Machinery. It is a milestone in the development of smart agriculture in the region, as it has made a fresh progress in the brought in of unmanned agricultural machinery in the region.

Agricultural machinery driverless technology is an intelligent technology that enables agricultural machinery to achieve automation and intelligence in operation, reduce dependence on drivers, and thus realize autonomous operation. The Joint-unit participating in The Operation is composed of three parts: tractor, UniStrong unmanned tractor solution and soybean/corn composite planter, among which the unmanned tractor solution is composed of auto-steering system EAS301( MC5 + EW2 + ST6L ), chassis controller, Angle sensor, LIDAR, remote control and so on.  Based on the traditional agricultural machinery auto-steering system applied in bulk, the system adds longitudinal control, implements control, simple obstacle avoidance functions, and cloud-based operation dispatch and supervision to realize less labor input in agricultural machinery operations. Among them, the chassis controller is used to control the speed and direction of the tractor, and also the lifting and power output of the implements. The remote controller manages remote ignition/flameout control of the tractor. At the same time, LIDAR carries out real-time dynamic obstacle detection to realize obstacle avoidance parking during forward driving. After completing the sowing preparation work, the staff only need to give the start command remotely, the Joint-unit can carry out the combined operation of fertilization and sowing according to the planned path and speed. The straightness accuracy of sowing and combined ridge can reach centimeter-level. This not only improves operational accuracy and sowing efficiency, but also reduces the dependence of the agricultural machinery on manpower, reduces the intensity of human labor and saves labor costs.

Performance Advantages:
• Support automatic throttle control;
• Support automatic electronically controlled reversing;
• Support automatic lifting and lowering of implements;
• Support remote ignition/flameout;
• Support remote control;
• Support manual driving priority or remote control priority;
• Support full path planning operation of plots (cross-line U-turn, fishtail turn operation);
• Support cloud platform delivery work;
• Support OTA firmware upgrade;
• Support obstacle avoidance parking during forward driving.

The Operation is not only a breakthrough in the field of agricultural driverless technology research and development, but also the practice of the concept of "Industry- academia -research and application" combination, and the phased results of the promotion and application of agricultural machinery technology together with many parties. On this basis, UniStrong will also cooperate with other units to carry out intelligent improvement of mechanization operation equipment around the main production links of farming, planting, management and harvesting. Increase the research and development and application of intelligent agricultural machinery equipment technology, and help build the first unmanned farm in Shaanxi Province.

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