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Integrating innovation and deepening BDS application丨UniStrong releases two new products
Posted by UniStrong    2022-9-22    416

On September 21, themed "smart space-time, leading innovation", the 11th Annual Conference of GNSS & LBS Association of China (GLAC) was opened at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Henan province. On the day of the opening ceremony, Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. ("UniStrong") officially released the "BDS High-precision 5G Smart Vehicle-mounted All-in-One Device" and "GNSS Reservoir Dam Displacement Monitoring Solution Based on LoRa Transmission and Front-end Solution", showcasing the innovation achievements in the field of BDS application research and development.

BDS High-precision 5G Smart Vehicle-mounted All-in-One Device

BDS High-precision 5G Smart Vehicle-mounted All-in-One Device is a new-generation product platform designed and developed for BeiDou high-precision positioning and active safety applications. It has higher precision, stronger computing power, higher performance, and better environmental adaptability. Equipped with an industry-leading high-performance embedded system, the device is capable of realizing multi-channel H.265 real-time video/image codec processing, 1080P/720P resolution recording, and active security warning and remote video monitoring based on cloud intelligence to achieve remote real-time monitoring and historical playback analysis.

Product core advantage:
1. BDS RTK+ inertial navigation fusion high-precision algorithm and multi-mode dual-frequency system to handle various canopy scenarios with reliable lane-level positioning.
2. Embedded high computing power for the support of various algorithms such as face recognition, ADAS, DMS, blind spot, passenger flow statistics, and 360 panorama.
3. Certified to meet the national standards of the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Public Security for vehicle-mounted products.
4. Standard 4G multi-network scalable for 5G communication, optional private network communication.
5. Vehicle-regulation design, high-level IP, highly customizable with optimized configuration.

GNSS reservoir dam displacement monitoring solution based on LoRa transmission and front-end solution

The GNSS reservoir dam displacement monitoring solution based on LoRa transmission and front-end solution is for large-scale deployment of reservoir dams developed for traditional GNSS dam deformation detection problems such as high cost, insufficient accuracy, weak stability, and difficulty in popularization.

This solution can realize automatic monitoring of the horizontal and vertical displacement of the dam, support LoRa data transmission and front-end edge calculation, and integrate sensors such as rainfall, water level, seepage pressure, and camera to realize automatic data collection with strong edge computing. In view of the centralized distribution of small reservoirs, the solution is able to achieve local calculation and transmit coordinates and displacement results to the on-site RTU or the user monitoring and early warning platform through the front-end site LoRa wireless networking that broadcasts GNSS raw data to the monitoring station and the built-in front-end calculation engine, breaking the traditional mode of GNSS monitoring that requires the owner or manufacturer to build a solution platform separately, and realizing the transmission and display of GNSS displacement data on the device side.

Product core advantages:
1. Built-in high-performance ARM processor, trans-embedded Linux system, built-in GNSS static and RTK algorithm engine for baseline calculation, data processing and displacement calculation inside the monitoring host and local early warning as well.
2. Built-in LoRa wireless transmission module for automatic networking within the area of the reservoir and dam.
3. Scalable for a variety of sensors such as rain gauge, water level gauge, osmometer, camera, etc. to reduce the cost of monitoring the reservoirs and dams with sensor data processed in the monitoring host for judgment and early warning without the RTU equipment.
4. The combination of GNSS front-end solution deformation monitoring technology and BDS short messages to solve the problem failure in the automatic monitoring of surface deformation through GNSS in remote mountainous areas and reservoirs where cellular network communication is damaged due to extreme weather conditions.

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