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"5G+ BeiDou", UniStrong joins hands with China Mobile to empower the digital development of transportation
Posted by UniStrong    2022-8-10    398

Recently, Guangzhou Geoelectron Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Guangzhou Geoelectron"), a subsidiary of Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "UniStrong"), won the bidding of the Open Competition Project of China Mobile "2022-2023 Vehicle Spatio-temporal Information Service Package Terminal Adaptation and Integration Service" with 100% share,jointly with China Mobile promoting the application of "5G+ BeiDou" in the field of transportation.

With the in-depth promotion of "BeiDou +" and "+ BeiDou", the integrated application of "5G+ BeiDou" has entered thousands of industries, including transportation, surveying and mapping, agriculture, forestry and fishery, disaster relief and reduction, and public applications. As one of the most important application fields of the BDS, the transportation industry has achieved remarkable application effects by using the BeiDou high-precision positioning technology in many fields, such as key transportation process monitoring, urban transportation and travel services, and highway infrastructure security monitoring. Data shows that by the end of 2021, more than 7.8 million BeiDou-equipped transport vehicles have come online, leading to a nearly 50 percent drop in both major accident and casualty rates and a significant reduction in travel time.

The winning bid is mainly aimed at the demand for high-precision positioning in the operating vehicle industry such as public transportation, two types of passenger cars and one type of vehicles for transporting hazardous goods and heavy-duty trucks, and promotes the application and promotion of "5G+ BeiDou" in the field of transportation. The winning product is M6, a high-precision inertial navigation vehicle terminal independently developed by Guangzhou Geoelectron. M6 is an integrated GNSS positioning terminal device. Based on the high-precision positioning module integrated with BeiDou satellite and inertial navigation, the product integrates high-precision algorithms and functions such as E-SIM, WIFI, Bluetooth, antenna and integrated power supply. It has the advantages of miniaturization, portability, and low cost. While reducing the hardware performance requirements for positioning terminals, it also achieves stable, reliable and continuous positioning accuracy of centimeters, which meets the deployment requirements for large-scale vehicle positioning and supports scalable applications in other scenarios.

In this project, the M6 terminal can provide adaptation and integration services for China Mobile's high-precision positioning differential service to meet customers' requirements for high-precision positioning. By integrating the high-precision positioning account of China Mobile, it can be adapted to the terminal to form an integrated service, bringing universal products and a friendly user experience to the vast number of China Mobile users.

It is China Mobile's recognition and affirmation of UniStrong's core technology and product quality that wins the bid out ofmany similar products, which fully reflects UniStrong's comprehensive strength and professional advantages in the industry. As one of the earliest satellite navigation application enterprises established in China, UniStrong has been deeply engaged in the industry for more than 20 years, constantly making innovations and breakthroughs. It not only has core technological advantages and comprehensive intellectual property system, but also has accumulated rich experience in the integrated application and promotion of BDS. In September 2019, UniStrongtook the lead in releasing the "BeiDou +5G" Integrated Innovative Application" program, and has continuously explored new application scenarios in smart transportation, smart aviation and other fields, making positive efforts for the application and promotion of "5G+ BeiDou".

In the future, UniStrong will continue to make breakthroughs and innovations. Based on the core advantages of BDS high-precision positioning technology, UniStrong will promote the communication, integration and innovative development of "5G+ BeiDou" in transportation and other industries, open up more application scenarios, and contribute to the digital development empowered by BeiDou in all walks of life.

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