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Innovation & Quality丨UniStrong products won the German Red Dot Award
Posted by UniStrong    2022-5-12    215

A few days ago, the winners of the 2022 German Red Dot Award were officially announced. The rugged smart tablet UW55H, developed and designed by Shanghai UniOne Information Technology Co., Ltd. ("Shanghai UniOne"), a subsidiary of Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. ("UniStrong"), won the 2022 Red Dot Design Award with innovative design concepts and high quality.

Founded by the German Design Association, the Red Dot Award has a history of more than 60 years. It is known as the "Oscar" in the industrial design field. It is the wind vane of global industrial design and development trends. Now it has become an internationally recognized top award for global industrial design. One of the world's three major design awards, together with the German "iF Award" and the American "IDEA Award". The German Red Dot Award attracts 10,000 entries from more than 60 countries around the world every year, and the design field is rich and diverse. This time, UW55H can successfully pass the professional judgment of the red comment committees and stand out from tens of thousands of entries from all over the world, which once again verifies the professional strength of Shanghai UniOne in the field of industrial design.

"Thin, rugged and easy to use" is a highlight of the design of the award-winning UW55H. The design team of this product adheres to the "user-oriented" design idea, reducing the weight and size of the product and ensuring its sturdy performance and stability meanwhile with a variety of expansion capabilities suitable for various harsh working environments. With professional design style and HCI solution, UW55H has been highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers since its launch. At present, the product has been widely used in automobile after-sales, electric patrol, public utilities, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

- Small size and high performance
- Intel Core i5 central processor
- standard 8GB large memory and 128GB SSD
- Windwos10 IOT Enterprise 64-bit operating system
- IP67
- 1.2m drop-proof
- high-performance protection
- harsh working environment
- 10.1-inch ultra-high-definition large screen
- Glove/water touch
- Flexible Modular Design
- Long battery life with dual batteries
- Support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE

Main application scenarios

Automobile industry - after-sales service of car companies

UW55H is equipped with relevant software of car manufacturers, which can support functions such as continuous diagnosis, data recording and ECU reprogramming, and is suitable for mobile devices in repair shops to achieve the best diagnostic performance.

Natural Resources - Mining

The product has the characteristics of drop-proof, shock-proof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. It can cope with harsh working environments such as dust, high humidity, and gravel slipping, realizing high-precision and rapid surveying and safe work of mineral surveying and construction.

About Shanghai UniOne

Shanghai UniOne Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd., with "becoming the world's leading provider of rugged smart terminal solutions" as its corporate vision and values, Shanghai UniOne focuses on the development of rugged smart terminals. R&D, manufacturing and sales, currently has a R&D team of more than 150 people and a manufacturing plant recognized by international first-tier brands. Based on years of R&D experience and technology accumulation, Shanghai UniOne owns a number of patents and software copyrights. At the same time, its one-stop standardized and systematic service capabilities of R&D, manufacturing, quality control and after-sales have also been highly recognized by domestic and foreign industry customers in recent years.

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