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UniStrong Precision Agricultural Technology Facilitates Spring Farming
Posted by UniStrong    2022-4-6    262

Go all out to ensure spring farm work

In a farmland somewhere in the northwest, tractors equipped with the HuiNong agricultural auto-steering system, a brand of UniStrong, are moving back and forth in the field along the sowing route set by the drivers. As long as the drivers enter the data of raking, leveling, and sowing on the screen in the cab, all the processes will be completed in one go. UniStrong HuiNong makes the farming work less stressful and easier.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the spring sowing work in 2022, UniStrong Precision Agriculture team started technical training, installation and calibration, maintenance and on-site guidance operations to fully guarantee that HuiNong efficiently serve the spring farm work.

Innovative breakthroughs promote agricultural modernization

As an early enterprise that applied high-precision satellite navigation technology to the agricultural field, UniStrong has always been at the forefront on the road of promoting the modernization of agriculture. From HuiNong agricultural machinery auto-steering system to the intelligent agricultural machinery monitoring information platform, UniStrong has formed a "terminal" + "cloud" precision agriculture solution with continuous innovation, better serving all aspects of agricultural production.

HuiNong BDS Agricultural Machinery Auto-steering System

HuiNong BDS agricultural machinery auto-steering system is a key part of UniStrong "end + cloud" precision agriculture solution that fills the gap of the domestic BDS navigation automatic driving system in terms of the chip, board, antenna, reference station, display terminal, electronic control unit (ECU) , and the updated algorithm. The system is suitable for various steering types of agricultural machinery with an operation accuracy of better than 2.5cm. It has the characteristics of "easy installation, easy use, easy maintenance, easy management, stable signal, wide adaptability and multiple operations". It supports AB straight line, AB curve, various operation modes such as circle, diagonal raking, ultra-low speed and rice transplanting, not only reducing the labor intensity, but also effectively improving the farming efficiency and land output with better economic benefits.

It is worth noting that the new products applied in this year's spring farming work have not only been upgraded in appearance, but also iteratively optimized in terms of algorithm and structure, making it easier to install and operate, supporting more agricultural machinery products and better ensuring the quality and efficiency of farming operations.

HuiNong Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Monitoring Information Platform

The HuiNong intelligent agricultural machinery monitoring information platform is an important part of the "end + cloud" precision agriculture solution of UniStrong. The platform integrates positioning monitoring, status monitoring, historical trajectory tracking, operation area statistics, command and dispatch, route planning, and statistical analysis into one with basic functions such as equipment management, plot management, organization management and account management.

The platform along with the HuiNong BDS navigation agricultural machinery auto-steering system has created countless scenarios in which modern technology supports agricultural development, playing an active role in helping the spring sowing and autumn harvesting work over the years.

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