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E-Survey debuts at the GEO Week 2022
Posted by UniStrong    2022-2-10    270

From February 6th to 8th, local time, GEO Week 2022 was held in Denver, USA. E-Survey, a brand of Beijing UnStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. ("UniStrong"), showcased its core products and technologies, attracting extensive attention from global users.

At this exhibition, eSurvey exhibited RTK measurement receivers, CORS receivers, supporting handbooks and other core products, and also provided free software trials, attracting many visitors from the United States, Brazil, Panama, South Korea, etc. with strong cooperation intention.

As an overseas sales brand of UniStrong, eSurvey's participation not only enhances the brand awareness, but also lays a good foundation for the further development of overseas markets.

In recent years, UniStrong has formed a strong global development capability by further integrating overseas resources. A great variety of satellite navigation terminal products and solutions independently developed by UniStrong have been widely applied in many fields at home and abroad. In the future, UniStrong will continuously innovate its global cooperation model and provide more users with high-quality professional satellite navigation products and services.

About Geo Week
Geo Week is the largest comprehensive geographic surveying and mapping exhibition in the United States, consisting of five events including AEC Next Technology Expo & Conference, International LiDAR Surveying and Mapping Forum and SPAR 3D Expo & Conference. As an annual event in the surveying and mapping industry, Geo Week covers the integration of various current mainstream technologies from geographic information surveys, data processing to applications, and provides an education, technology and resource exchange platform for experts in the fields of geodetic surveying, geographic information and land management.

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