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UniStrong joins hands with China Mobile to create a new era of 5G+BDS
Posted by UniStrong    2021/10/17    129

On October 15, China Mobile and the Ningbo Municipal Government jointly held the "Time and Space Precision, Smart-Technology Driven Future" 5G+BDS High-precision Positioning Industry Conference in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. At the meeting, China Mobile released ten application scenarios for 5G+BDS high-precision positioning, and based on the ten major scenarios, it signed a 5G+BDS high-precision positioning application cooperation agreement with industry partners. As an enterprise representative in the BDS application field and a 5G+BDS high-precision positioning application partner, Beijing UniStrong Technology Co., Ltd. ("UniStrong") was invited to participate in the conference.

The 5G+BDS high-precision positioning application scenarios released by China Mobile are concentrated in ten areas including smart driving, smart port and waterway, smart logistics, monitoring and testing, smart public transportation, shared bicycles, drones, precision navigation, precision agriculture, and surveying and mapping. At the same time, China Mobile also released a scenario-based solution to support the marketing and large-scale application of 5G+BDS. China Mobile stated that it will make available its own resources, deepen its ten major scenarios, aggregate 5G+Beidou industry partners, build and implement 1,000 5G+BDS high-precision positioning benchmark projects across the country, and effectively implement state requirements for promoting the development of BDS industrialization.

With the advent of the 5G era, the development of high-precision positioning technology and the efficiency and intelligence of navigation services has become a general trend. "5G+BDS" is regarded as one of the most important infrastructures in the intelligent era, and it has also entered a stage of rapid development. With the corporate vision of "Being a Leading Provider of High-Precision Professional Products, Solutions, and Services in the Global Geospatial Marketplace", UniStrong is actively exploring the integration of BDS+5G applications, making inroads in the sectors of smart transportation, smart city, smart aviation, smart construction, smart agriculture, etc. Through cooperation with partners, BDS+5G high-precision positioning applications will be promoted to other sectors. In addition, UniStrong took the lead in building the Beijing BDS Industrial Innovation Base in August 2020. By making available its core technologies, core components, terminal products, solutions, and service platforms, UniStrong strives to create a "BDS+" integrated application ecosystem.

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