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UniStrong attended the first International summit on BDS applications
Posted by UniStrong    2021/9/17    137

On September 16-17, the first International Summit on BDS Applications was successfully held in Changsha. As one of the leading companies in the BDS navigation application field, Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. ("UniStrong") was invited to participate in this summit. Its core technology products and solutions made a grand debut at the BDS Application Scalability Achievement Exhibition at the summit. It attracted widespread attention both inside and outside the industry.

BDS Serves the World, Applications Empower the Future

The first International Summit on BDS Applications with the theme of "BDS Serves the World, Applications Empower the Future" is the first major international event held in China with "BDS Application Scalability" as its theme, since the official activation of the BDS-3 global satellite navigation system. The summit included the opening ceremony, the main forum, and four thematic forums of key industries, key enterprises, key regions, and innovation integration, and had set up a BDS application scalability achievement exhibition.

The BDS application scalability achievement exhibition is divided into comprehensive area, engineering construction area, application scalability area and international cooperation & future development area. It displays the development process of BDS construction and scale in rich formats such as display panels, multimedia screens, models, and physical objects with fruitful results of industrialization and international development.

UniStrong made a grand debut with core products

In the BDS application exhibition area, the Lyra II high-precision baseband chip, Aquila broadband radio frequency chip, P50 high-precision positioning module, V28 high-precision heading board, and the rugged BDS smart terminals-A8, UG908, high-precision GNSS receivers-G950III, G960, G990II, and others representative of the advanced BDS products, were displayed in the basic product display area, reflecting the spatial-temporal application capabilities of UniStrong.

As a key national industry, smart agricultural technology and precision agriculture models have received more and more attention. In the strategic industry application display area, the full range of UniStrong independently developed EAS301 BDS agricultural auto-steering system was the highlight.

BDS empowers quality upgrade

It has been a year since the BDS-3 global satellite navigation system was officially activated. Operating continuously and stably, it has entered a new stage of large-scale, industrialized, and international development. The BDS system has empowered various industries for quality upgrade. It has been applied in the fields of mass consumption and people's livelihood, comprehensively serving the transportation, public safety, disaster relief and mitigation, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industries, integrated into the infrastructure of electricity, finance, and communications. BDS is making profound changes in people's lives while producing significant economic and social benefits. At present, China's satellite navigation and location service industry has reached 403.3 billion CNY, and related products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions.

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