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UniStrong again makes the list of top 100 companies in the geospatial information industry
Posted by UniStrong    2021/8/30    149

A few days ago, the China Association for Geospatial Information Society announced the 2021 China Geospatial Information Industry Top 100 List. Beijing UniStrong Technology Co., Ltd. ("UniStrong") once again made the list, ranking seventh. In addition, UniStrong is also shortlisted in the TOP50 list of high-growth companies in the 2021 geospatial information industry.

As a national strategic emerging industry in China, geospatial information industry is developing rapidly, playing an important role in the fields of land, digital cities, water conservancy, environmental protection, meteorology, surveying & mapping, and oceans. In recent years, driven by the dual drive of national policy guidance and strong application demand, the geospatial information industry has continued to expand, and has gradually entered from a phase of rapid growth into a stage of high-quality development.

The "Top 100 Chinese Geospatial Information Enterprises" list was established by the China Association for Geospatial Information Society to encourage and honor the advanced and outstanding corporate brands, and to promote high-quality development of the geospatial information industry. The Association makes interval statistical analysis of the operating income of enterprises in the surveying & mapping and geospatial information industry in the most recent year, sorted from high to low, based on the scale of corporate revenue, business growth, management benefits, operating conditions, geographic distribution, and industrial chain distribution. The companies on the list are industry benchmark companies of large scale, good performance, and strong influence in the domestic geospatial information industry.

Since the establishment of the "Top 100 Chinese Geospatial Information Companies" list, UniStrong has been on the list many times. This is not only a manifestation of the comprehensive strength of UniStrong in the field of geospatial information, but also a recognition of UniStrong's persistent efforts to promote the development of satellite navigation and related industries.

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