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BeiDou+5G, UniStrong boosts the construction of Huahu Airport in Ezhou
Posted by UniStrong    2021-3-31    510

Currently, the construction of the "first in Asia and fourth in the world" specialized cargo airport-Ezhou Huahu Airport, has entered the sprint stage. Ezhou Huahu Airport is positioned as a professional cargo hub airport. In the future, it will form an air cargo hub and become a part of an international air cargo hub planning layout together with comprehensive hub airports such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It is expected to be put into operation by the end of this year and early next year.

Relying on BDS high-precision positioning technology, integrating mechanical control and algorithms to realize the full life cycle management of engineering construction, UniStrong's new digital construction system transforms complex engineering information into measurable numbers and data through the combination of "BeiDou + 5G" to empower industrial IoT, edge computing, cloud intelligence and other informatization methods. At the same time, supplemented by BIM technology and mechanical equipment control technology, the entire process of information collection, process supervision, resource scheduling and information release of people, objects, vehicles and construction machinery in the construction site scene can be realized.

With the BDS digital construction system, UniStrong participated in three parts of airport construction projects including digital construction sites, structural engineering and field engineering. Digital construction sites include management modules such as personnel, vehicles, equipment, and video; structural engineering includes monitoring modules such as elevators, tower cranes, high formwork, and deep foundation pits; site engineering includes monitoring modules such as excavation, bulldozing, leveling, compaction, paving, mixing station, pile foundation and dynamic compaction. The mechanical system in the field engineering relies on BeiDou high-precision positioning and navigation (positioning/heading/attitude), 5G high bandwidth and low latency, multi-sensor data fusion and algorithms to realize the automatic guidance, automatic control, precise operation, and real-time of construction machinery monitoring of progress and quality.

Through the application of the BeiDou digital construction system for data analysis, the goals of project quality evaluation, quality traceability, and schedule management have been achieved, and the problems of large human resource consumption and quality assurance under traditional construction methods have been solved, significantly improving  construction efficiency, reducing rework, resulting in reduced costs, improved operation accuracy, and guaranttee of operation safety and construction period. What's more, after all the construction processes are digitalized and digitized, upon the day the airport is completed, a physical airport is born and a digital twin of the airport will be delivered online at the same time.

In the future, UniStrong will give full play to its own technical and industrial advantages, continue to deepen the field of BeiDou digital construction and intelligent machinery control, and continuously improve its core competitiveness. Focusing on customer needs, R&D, application and promotion of construction machinery intelligent technology, UniStrong is dedicated in creating more possibilities for the development of the whole industry of digital construction.

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