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Practicing social responsibility, UniStrong makes every effort to guarantee the vaccination work in Beijing
Posted by UniStrong    2021-3-11    545

On March 9, 2021, the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Prevention and Control ( referred to as the "Beijing CDC") sent a letter of appreciation to UniStrong, affirmed and highly praised its contributions in assisting the Beijing CDC in carrying out vaccine circulation and management in the epidemic prevention and control.

The Beijing CDC praised in the letter of appreciation: "Your company successfully completed all of the collaborative tasks with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, making outstanding contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic in the capital."

Since 2018, UniStrong has provided Beijing CDC with data information analysis and system operation and maintenance services for the entire process of vaccine circulation. Upon the start of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, the UniStrong TopSci team (a subsidiary of UniStrong) immediately established a special epidemic prevention and control working group to fully cooperate with the work of the Beijing CDC. In response to urgent needs such as system management, statistical management, and smart logistics, the working group organized the implementation of data docking, including data interconnection, data statistical analysis, data penetration and repair, emergency plan setting, etc., and provided system operation training for relevant staff to ensure 7*24 hourly uninterrupted operation and maintenance service.

During the anti-epidemic period, UniStrong provided a unified platform management for the circulation of vaccines in Beijing, and recorded and counted the information on vaccine procurement, distribution, warehousing in and out of the city, and the increase and decrease of community sites in real time, realizing the visualized management of key links in the order, distribution, and on-the-way information of vaccine logistics in the city, effectively ensuring the precise delivery of vaccines, and truly ensuring that no vaccine is lost.

In addition, UniStrong assisted the Beijing CDC at the first moment to guarantee the daily management of vaccination sites in Beijing, realizing the seamless connection between the government, logistics, and the city's grass-roots districts and counties to ensure the smooth supply of vaccines, and providing a solid basis for the smooth start of the vaccination work on January 1, 2021 in Beijing.

2020 was an extremely difficult year, a year recorded in history. UniStrong gave full play to its business strengths, assuming social responsibilities, participating in the fight against the epidemic with practical actions, and demonstrating the company's social value and spirit of responsibility. In the future, UniStrong will continue to uphold its original aspiration, continuously improve the company's technical product competitiveness, and create a series of "end + cloud" solutions to provide the country and customers with more and better products and services.

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