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The Second China-Arab States BDS Cooperation Forum Successfully Held in Tunisia with Highlights from UniStrong
Posted by UniStrong    2019-4-2    841

April 1st, 2019
The 2nd China-Arab States BDS Cooperation Forum
Opened in Tunis, Tunisia
UniStrong attended the Forum with a variety of highlights.

In order to promote the satellite navigation cooperation between China and Arab, the Second China-Arab States BDS Cooperation Forum is successfully held in Tunisia City of the Republic of Tunisia on April 1st, 2019 according to the Action Plan of China-Arab States Cooperation Forum from 2018 to 2020. This is the first time that BDS has its own important activity in the countries along the Belt and Road and in neighboring regions since it started providing global services. It means that BDS has made great progress in stepping out of China.

The topic of the Forum is collaboration, application and service, which is co-organized by Chinese secretariat of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum (CASCF), secretariat of the League of Arab States, China Satellite Navigation Office, Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization,and hosted by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Tunisia. The Forum has several sections, including opening ceremony, main reports, special training, demonstrative experience, enterprises mutual communication and so on. Over 300 guests and delegates coming from Chinese and Arabic governments, relevant international organization, scientific research institutions as well as enterprises attend this forum.

Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. has always been committed to promoting BDS global development and China-Arab BDS Cooperation. At this forum, UniStrong signed cooperation documents, delivered special reports, supported the construction of the China-Arab BDS Center, displayed advanced products, carried out dynamic demonstrations, and participated in education and training activities.

1. Sign cooperation documents

At the opening ceremony of the Forum, UniStrong signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the development of a precision agriculture cooperation demonstration project with the Tunisian Mejazbab Higher Agricultural Engineering School. The two parties agreed to cooperate on BDS/GNSS precision agriculture technology and products under the guidance of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office and the Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization, and will implement a precision agriculture cooperation demonstration project in Tunisia to promote BeiDou technology application and promotion ,so as to help with the development of precision agriculture in countries along the "Belt and Road". This is another overseas precision agriculture cooperation project undertaken by UniStrong after the successful engagement in precision agriculture pilot project in September 2018 under the framework of the Sino-Russian Satellite Navigation Major Strategic Cooperation Project Committee.

2. Dynamic demonstration

As the only live dynamic demonstration project of the Forum, UniStrong Huinong® BDS Navigation Agricultural Machinery Automated Driving System and Agricultural Machinery Management Platform was the first official public demonstration in Tunisia. The demon helped the participants fully understand and experience the application benefits of BDS high-precision application.

In particular, when the tractor installed with the Huinong® BDS Navigation Agricultural Machinery Automated Driving System accurately passed through the obstacles, and successfully completed the unmanned driving demonstration of straight lines, turns, U-turns and other paths, it won the audience's applause! CCTV, Xinhua News Agency and other mainstream media conducted on-site interviews.

Media interview with Dr. Shen Jun

In order to make full preparations, as early as March 10, 2019, UniStrong team successfully completed the installation and testing of the Huinong® BDS navigation agricultural auto-steering system in Tunisia. Tunisian experts gave high praise and were very optimistic about the application prospects of Huinong® in the Arab and African regions. Xinhua News Agency, GPS World, AICTO and other news agencies reported this event.

Original screenshots of Xinhua News Agency, GPS World Report

"The performance of the BDS navigation agricultural machinery auto-steering system is very impressive." said Sami Trimech, director of strategic planning and development at AICTO.

"I hope that all Arab countries can use BeiDou technology." Nour Laabidi, AICTO project manager and head at the China-Arab Beidou Center of Tunisia.

This local agricultural machine equipped with the Huinong® BDS navigation agricultural machine automatic driving system became the first unmanned agricultural machine in Tunisia to use satellite navigation equipment for precise positioning and control.

3. Special report

Dr. Shen Jun, Chief Scientist of UniStrong, published a special report at the Forum to introduce BDS application and industrial development in basic products, agriculture, transportation, fishery and other fields, and demonstrated the technical strength of Chinese companies of the BeiDou industry represented by UniStrong.

4. Product show

UniStrong participated in the Forum as a gold sponsor and exhibited the independently developed and manufactured BeiDou advanced components and terminals, including the GNSS receiver G970II, P9 handheld, rugged BeiDou intelligent terminals UG905, A8, and agricultural auto-steering controller MC2-D, agricultural display IRON1 and other equipments, as well as industrial applications and solutions in the fields of surveying and mapping, precision agriculture, machinery control, etc., enabling more understanding on BDS technology, products and services.

Guests and representatives of the Forum visited UniStrong technical products

Forum guests visited the China-Arab BDS/GNSS Center and learned about BDS basic products and application cases in various fields, particularly UniStrong products and services including the "Atlas" differential RTK G10A and G970II. The Center is China’s first overseas BDS center. UniStrong technical team had fully participated in the construction of the Center and installed a BDS/GNSS user experience and performance data collection system with independent R&D products for the Center. UniStrong will continuously support the performance evaluation of BDS in the Arab region.

Guests visited UniStrong products and services

On April 2nd, the Forum will hold a training session. As a representative of outstanding Chinese enterprises, UniStrong will be invited to deliver a lecture on precision agriculture and other navigation application technologies to Arab countries students to promote the popularization of satellite navigation and positioning technology in the Arab region.

As a leader in PNT technology, UniStrong has the entire industry chain layout and global business and service capabilities, enabling UniStrong products and services to be sold in over 90 countries and regions. UniStrong has long participated in international exhibitions with the entire industry chain, from products to solutions, and will play an active role in promoting BDS technology and application in satellite navigation related industries, cooperating with other countries and regions.

In the future, UniStrong will continue to play a role of leading enterprise in the promotion of the global application of BDS and improve its comprehensive strength in the field of PNT technology.

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